The easiest way is by the “Montreux-Rochers-de Naye” train from the Montreux railway station, or from Glion, Caux, or Les Hauts-de Caux. This latter is the last stop accessible by car.

From the train terminus, a well maintained footpath of about 400 metres leads to the garden.

Accès jardin alpin

Good walkers or mountaineers can go up on foot from:

  • The Col de Chaude
  • The hamlet of Sonchaud
  • The Col de Jaman
  • The village of Les Hauts-de-Caux

For climbers, there is also the Via Ferrata, situated between the Jaman station and the top of Les Rochers-de-Naye.

For the weather forecast, one can consult the webcam: